Luxury that doesn’t cost the Earth.



Ecologie as a business and as a brand, stands for sustainability and conscious decision making. We craft beautiful durable and timeless knitwear from natural recycled fibres within the parameters of our green business model, so that we, and those who support us, can help to stem the tidal flood of throw-away fashion, replacing it with something more meaningful and sustainable.



Our collection is manufactured using recycled cashmere fibres which have been harvested from previously woven, knitted or felted cashmere, as well as scraps which have been discarded during processing and production. As a result, this yarn is estimated to use 82% less energy, 92% less water and release 97% less CO2 than yarn produced using virgin cashmere fibres.

Our first collection has been designed with simplicity in mind. Our goal was to keep the line traditional and uncomplicated because we believe that the luxurious quality of cashmere speaks for itself. The colour palette has been themed using a working title of Millennial Neutrals, giving it a distinctly modern vibe, whilst allowing it to remain stylistically timeless and enduring.